Amy Plus BnB is named after our granny Amy. In Chinese, the word “Plus” and “Home” have the same pronunciation. Therefore, when you say Amy Plus in Chinese, it sounds like Amy’s home.

Granny Amy is the head and bread earner of the family. When she retires on 2015, she wants to move to Hualien for a leisure life. Why Hualien? Not any other city in Taiwan? Granny Amy has a strong feeling about Hualien because her mom was born here. Even though great-grandma has passed away, Granny Amy still likes to stay in Hualien where she can be closer to her mom’s family and hear the stories about her mom.

After two years of searching with granny, we finally found this place in 2017. In Amy Plus, we provide a clean and cozy place for our guests. We hope you will enjoy your stay and find the beauty of Hualien!